Hey you, haiku.

Good morning, my Flames.
Today we play with haiku,
Ready, folks? Okay.

If you do not know,
Haiku goes 5-7-5,
Rhyming optional.

Have a look below,
I picked a pic just for you,
Now go make me proud.

Image #1


Image #2


Image #3


One or all, your choice.
Share your haiku(s) in comments,
And thanks for playing!

Week Four is open to those who signed up! Link here: “The beginnings of all things are small.”

There were also a couple word games to play this week in the form of Ten Story Generators and a little help from your friends.


About RicoChey

I'm just an unmarried, childless, thirty-something high school dropout with big ideas and a small attention span. Weave drunkenly behind me as I meander through my own life: a winding path of musings on life, relationships, food, the few politics I can stomach discussing, and probably really dumb stuff like the ratio of Sex and the City episodes wherein Carrie does and does not appear to be wearing extensions.
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6 Responses to Hey you, haiku.

  1. t.s.wright says:

    Reblogged this on Eadar Doodles + Cheese and commented:

    It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a syllable. Can you haiku?

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  2. #1

    Space — breathless glister
    and black afloat. Wide open
    frontier, boundless — space.

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