Numbers — Break the Code!

Hello, my friends of Fire!!  I hope you are well on this final day of July!  I have been poking around at games and writing prompts again (I’m going to have to figure out other things to do when I am back from vacation), and I found a Lottery Generator – it generates random numbers for a writer’s lottery ticket “back-up plan”.  I was poking at it and I thought – suppose these numbers were in code?  I know a common practice is to use a cypher, where each number stands for a letter of the alphabet.  I challenge you to the following:

Go to the website, scroll down to the Lottery Generator, and generate a series of lottery numbers.  Develop a code that fits them, then write a piece of short fiction about any or all of the following: the process, the code, what it means, the people to whom it refers, being a code breaker, anything else that is relevant.

Have fun, please share in the comments.


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