Finding Inspiration: What is your theme song?

If you’re old enough, you might remember a silly little show from the Nineties called Ally McBeal. If you haven’t seen it, don’t go rushing off to add it to your Netflix queue; this is not a recommendation. My father, typically an avid watcher of police/crime dramas and action-adventures, watched Ally McBeal. Since the living room was the family hub, this meant I sometimes watched it too. What I remember most (aside from some weird-looking white guy who got all worked up when Lucy Liu swished her hair over his chest) is that Ally’s character had a constant internal monologue running and her own theme song. I don’t mean the show had an opening theme song, I mean the character had a song that would play in her head (that the audience could hear) when she felt a little unsure of herself. It was meant to be her inspiration — her self-empowerment.

It’s not a bad idea to have a song in your mental playlist that helps you breathe deep and step off the curb into the fray with a bounce in your step. Something that drowns out the (potentially) constant litany of doubts, regrets, worries, and uncertainty. Listening to the theme song can also work to inspire you when you want to write but find yourself staring at that blinking cursor on a white screen. It could help you psych yourself up and get the creative juices flowing. In that case I would recommend a song that you can sing to at the top of your lungs – hairbrush microphone optional. (Have you considered how sad it is for our current generation of children and teens that performers use headset mics? They don’t understand the old microphone pantomime.)

I challenge you today to listen to your music playlist and find your song. THE Song. Share it with us below that we might be inspired as well.

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About t.s.wright

Writer, reader, casual photographer, nature-lover, dog mom. I grew up in a tree, inside a book, whispering possible futures into discarded seed pods that curled up and exploded each summer. One day, they cut down my tree and I was forced to go to school while waiting for the replacement trees to grow strong enough to hold me. But while we waited, I grew too heavy and awkward to climb, so I had to get a job. I spent my days surrounded by flimsy walls covered in carpet that made boxes and people who forgot to look out windows. I worked really hard. Possibilities were replaced with formulas and exactitude. Eventually I forgot how to climb a tree...and how to smile. Then one day, a dog licked my foot excessively and I remembered smiling. That reminded me of more things that didn't cost money and couldn't be tallied in a spreadsheet - like hugs and love and being happy. So I found myself a Steve who reminded me what home was. Then we filled it and our hearts with dogs. Eventually we planted our own tree, together. Even though I'm happy right here, right now, I remembered that we all need possibilities to dream of, so I've started writing them down.
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One Response to Finding Inspiration: What is your theme song?

  1. I have dozens of THE songs 😉 Here’s one of ’em, because everybody’s got a story to tell.


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