Tom o’Bedlam — fever dreams and madness

Hello, my dear friends of flame!  I am back from vacation.  I had a marvelous time.  So very many things were wonderful.  One thing which is NOT wonderful is that I seem to have brought home an upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis home with me.  FIE, I say!  I did NOT purchase such things, and I would have been happy to leave them in Pennsylvania!  Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.  I have an appointment with a physician this morning, where I hope to receive a course of antibiotics and also  antibiotic eye drops.  I do not believe it is bronchitis.  I hope it is not bronchitis. That would be significantly dreadful!!

There are so very many pictures in my mind from my vacation.  Pageantry of Royalty and beautiful garments; dancing; singing; the fairy lights from the camp across the road from ours — and so many old friends, and some new ones as well.  However, I am running a fever, which is getting in the way of describing these wondrous visions.  Therefore, I will give you a song which I have heard and have sung — and I found many recordings on the YouTube magical device.  I really prefer it with women’s voices, however, this recording also has the lyrics, which I thought would be helpful.  This is not usually my song — however, I do like it and it comes to fever dreams!  So — without further ado —

Tom o’Bedlam


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