August 2015, Week Four | Topic Post: “Can you elaborate?”, Part IV

I am deeply sorry for the late topic. I was sleeping off an illness. Boo! Because I’m several hours later than my usual, I’ve extended the submission due date until Monday, August 31st at 0400 EDT. Thank you for your understanding!

Before we start, let me quote some essential details from my introductory post from Week One, outlining the basics of this month’s themed contest. To skip this, scroll directly to the prompt, located midway through this post!

Throughout this contest (and any time, truly), you can reach me fairly instantly by two reliable methods: 1. You can send me a Facebook message, or 2. You can pop an e-mail over – either outreach pings my phone in real time, and I can respond accordingly.

Remember, the open door policy at the Flame isn’t just for show — reach out! The Mod Hydra is here to help, and to ensure that your experience is positive and constructive.

Welcome to the fourth and final week of the theme, “Can you elaborate?” I understand there may have been some confusion about prompt limitations last week, so I’ve quoted the ‘Basic Premise’ portion below with a few choice edits in hopes that there will be no further miscommunication. I do not believe in limiting the creative mind unfairly or unnecessarily, so let’s nip that in the bud!:

Basic Premise: You are presented with an example of a synopsis for an episode of a television series (there is so necessity to have seen, or to be familiar with, either the episode or the show). Using this synopsis, write your entry. You may also use the title of the episode or something you know about the series or episode quoted to inspire your entry. You do not have to use the name of the character mentioned in the synopsis. These parts of each month’s prompt are interchangeable at the entrant’s discretion; however, you may like to make a clear statement in an Author’s Note about the origin of your inspiration if you deviate unexpectedly from the episode title and/or synopsis provided as each month’s prompt. All forms of writing are welcome!

Again, if anyone has any questions, the Hydra’s three silly heads are here to make sure everyone has a good time. Now, without further ado, the prompt for Week Four!

True Blood [S1E5]: ‘Sparks Fly Out’ –“Bill recalls the circumstances of how he became a vampire.”

By now, we know the details of the episode used for inspiration are inconsequential, but let’s review Bill’s unique struggle. In this episode of True Blood’s first season, Vampire Bill has been asked to speak a community gathering about his experiences in the American Civil War. Naturally, the experience brings back many painful memories, including that of the night he lost his mortality and, as Bill believes it, his ultimate humanity. For Bill, this was the night he lost everything that had ever meant something to him, everything worth being human before. Despite the wonders granted to him by immortality, and the prospect of his budding romance with waitress Sookie Stackhouse, Bill lives every day of his moonlit life wishing to be returned to what could have been.

Consider the profile of Bill’s struggle. In his case, being made vampire is a literal experience, so let’s break down the concept of ‘vampire’. In the True Blood universe, to be turned vampire is to be robbed of what makes you human. You lose your beating heart, your ability to go into sunlight, and (with a few exceptions) your ability to die. You gain, however, great strength, speed, stamina, and longevity. Not to mention, you get to be the same age forever. Hopefully you’re turned when you’re young and virile. The experience of becoming vampire constituted a great and terrible change for Bill, above any change he had yet endured.

How will you parlay this literal experience into metaphor? What will draw your focus most? The loss of mortality? The sacrifice? The spectacular gain in exchange for giving up everything? Or, will you show us how sparks fly out? How great change rocks a world? Write what you must!

Remember, to advance to main voting for Week Four, you must have survived Week Three voting. If not, your entry (or entries) still qualifies for Just For Fun voting and is welcome in the the poll! You can access the poll below. Entries are due Monday, August 31st at 0400 Eastern Time. No sign-ups are necessary for this contest.


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