What We Want To Learn From Writers

While muddling through long hours of freedom during months of unemployment I was inspired to begin a series of interviews with WordPress writers, to seek out the best of the best and then send invitations to join us here at The Flame to share their insight, their troubles, and their musings on writerly matters.

At the time, I fully realized this task would be progressive, slow even, and that such a task would definitely be best executed with input from fellow readers and writers of the community. I also guessed that this goal might eventually be interrupted by long hours of paid work — and I was right.  What I didn’t realize, however, is just how many weeks it would take me to get around to actually speaking on the topic with all of y’all publicly and at length!

The series of interactions with the poet Robert Okaji was great fun, and truly inspiring. He is a writer widely read and much loved by readers around the WordPress globe, and I am so happy that he was our first guest. He is also a favorite of t.s. wright’s and mine, and we were a bit giddy when he accepted our invitation. So … who’s next?

Would you please help me make a list of WordPress poets, fiction and nonfiction writers to invite to speak with us?

Thus far, I have a rather flexible set of criteria: The writer must have a WordPress site and be published (self-published, online lit mags, or otherwise).

Who do you have in your WordPress feed that you think is a MUST READ? What questions would you ask this writer? Would you like to review their publications for the community?

My goal is to begin a monthly series of interviews/discussions by the first Tuesday of October. I look forward to exploring your input!

My past two weeks has been made of  EVERYTHING BUT WRITING! I need to get back to that groove thang! How about we join together and make an effort to write for ‘Sparks Fly Out’? Fifteen or twenty Just For Fun entries alongside mine would definitely get me in the groove again 🙂 Help  a girl out?

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4 Responses to What We Want To Learn From Writers

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  3. t.s.wright says:

    Other than the Brigit’s Flame members who are on wordpress, the only blogs of note I follow are Robert O’s and Chuck Wendig’s. I don’t put a lot of time into reading the wordpress feed. In fact, for the last month I haven’t even been reading Robert O’s stuff (which sucks because I see his 30/30 posts in my email every day and I have to skip on by). The daily commute has killed my morning internet time and the woman I’m working with is forever interrupting my lunch hour with work things. I’m lucky if I get to eat my lunch while it’s still warm or the bread’s still soft.
    I’ll try to spend some time this weekend discovering new writers.

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