12 Responses to September Sign Ups!

  1. t.s.wright says:

    And you don’t have to be rich, to rule my world…

    I’m in. At least I will try to be in.

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  2. I’m from the last century… maybe I need a Time Machine…. Brrrrmmmm brrrrmmmm.

    Ah it works… count me in… if I make it to the stars.


  3. t.s.wright says:

    Reblogged this on Eadar Doodles + Cheese and commented:

    Don’t miss out on the writing fun. Come sign up for September’s writing contest with Brigit’s Flame.


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  6. Maggie says:

    Looking forward to the prompt!

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  7. I’m in 😀 And I just noticed there are three Flames signed up over in LiveJournal!


  8. t.s.wright says:

    Six flames signed up on livejournal. And I thought cedarwolfsinger signed up over here. Did she withdraw?


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