Writing Classes = Less Writing? This makes no sense!

Good morning, my fiery friends!  I must admit to you that I totally spaced this post until about 30 minutes ago.  My heartfelt apologies to those folks who are used to seeing this early in the AM.  Hope you had a great week and have marvelous plans for the weekend.

I am in a very strange space right now regarding my writing.  I have started an online copywriting course, and also a free flash fiction course.  They are interesting and fun, each in their own way.  However, I find that I am now over-thinking everything that I write.  Consequently, my other writing has taken a hit.  A huge hit.  I have only written in my journal three times this week.  That is very bad for me because my journal process includes spiritual readings and nine things for which I am grateful on any given day.  This sets my day up very well.  However, it takes time and really must be done early in the morning.  Before I went on vacation, I was getting up at 8 AM, and doing my journal work while taking my meds and having breakfast.  During vacation, I was getting up at 7 AM daily, because I had to go to work. I can cook over a camp stove just fine – lighting the thing is my problem – I have a difficult time using the big lighters, and we had no matches.  I came home from vacation with an upper respiratory infection, then had antibiotics.  Then I started several adventures at once, before I was healthy.  OK, I figured that out and had high hopes for this week.  However, I got very little accomplished.

My copywriting class is still sitting there, waiting for me.  I have not done my journal work today because I realized I needed to do a post.  I am very confused about the entire process.  Why would starting two different writing classes simultaneously make it harder to write in general?  I have no clue.  I hope to figure it out soon, I need to be productive next week.  If anyone has any ideas about what might help or how I might break through this mess, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Though I have only one reminder this day, it is a vital one.  Please sign up to participate in the September contest. The deadline for signing up is Saturday, 8/29/2015.  That is tomorrow!  Please sign up to write.  We want to see your work and be inspired!


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2 Responses to Writing Classes = Less Writing? This makes no sense!

  1. skyllairae says:

    What is the free flash fiction course you are taking? Is it online too?


  2. It is Holly Lisle’s free course entitled “How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck”. Hang on, let me find the link. You will have to make an account, which is free. I don’t know if you will be able to get to it right now, she is in transition to another site, and I don’t know when that is going away.



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