September 2015 | Topic Post!

Greetings Flames!

Shane Bell here, guest hosting for the September writing contest. Remember, this is a month-long contest with a single prompt, though we will be revisiting the concept every week to keep the juices flowing!

First, if anyone has any questions about this month’s prompt please feel free to e-mail me at My e-mail is connected to my phone so I’ll get the message right away. Of course, I am a vampire and as such I work during the night and sleep during the day, so I may not reply immediately.

So, the prompt for this month is going to be a concept that I am certain many of you have seen in movies or television or read about at some point. It is a very evocative, romantic concept for me:

Waking Up in Outer Space

To many people, this can mean many different things.

When it comes to contemporary fiction, where someone wakes up is usually the beginning of the story or a new chapter. In life, waking up is always the very first thing we do every day. If you’ve ever had a really crazy or exhausting night and woken up someplace that isnt your own bed, there is always that feeling of re-discovery… or danger. Sometimes it’s funny or scary, sometimes its surreal. But usually, there is a story there.

Maybe you live in space, aboard the ISS, or maybe you work in space, on a space shuttle.

Or maybe you were abducted by aliens?

Or maybe you are among the last survivors of a dying race of people desperately trying to find a new planet?

Were you born in space?

Is there warp drive or do you sleep because it would take you years to get where you are going?

Or maybe its just how you feel in the morning before you’ve had your coffee.

Or how you feel the next day after a night of drinking, doing drugs, general debauchery.

Or the malaise you find yourself in after a bad breakup or losing your job or even a loved one.

Whatever the case is, think about the idea of waking up in outer space and see where your imagination takes you. Write what you must.

Your word count should cap at about 5000 words, in any form you choose: prose, poetry, or a short fiction or musing on your dreams or whatever you would like. You have until Sunday, September 27th at 2345EDT to submit you final piece, and we will be revisiting the prompt every week to encourage your progress.

Remember, you can only play the main contest if you’ve signed up, but ALL Just For Fun entries are welcome.

Pleasant dreams, my flame-tastic friends. See you on the other side!

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20 Responses to September 2015 | Topic Post!

  1. Heather says:

    Is it too late to sign up?


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  4. brigitsflame says:

    Eligible parties:
    Kristina Van Hoose
    Heather Burton

    Liked by 1 person

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