When The Muse Walks: A Discussion About Inspiration

I have begun reading a story in which an author’s muse “comes to life”. She actually walks directly into  his writing room, flesh and bone, and protests his misuse of her ideas. How could any writer resist such a tale?

Many times I’ve met and/or spoken with writers who refer to their MUSE, or MUSES, as half-mad, living, breathing, temperamental forces of nature that grab the budding author by the throat and do not relinquish their hold until a story is done. I can’t boast such a relationship — it seems to me the characters come to whisper in my ear, not some impassioned third party — so I’m fascinated.

Imagine the nameless, faceless origin of one (or all) of your fictions or poems marching into your home to comment on what you’ve done with years’ worth of creative gifts! Where would such an encounter lead?

Think about that. Did you do the inspiration justice? Would your MUSE arrive bursting with pride, ready to celebrate? Or would this being manifest wearing a frown and carrying a divine red pen, fully prepared to write you out of existence? How would you fair?

Our guest host has spoken! Writers have been issued a challenge, and, as we speak, are typing madly to fulfill that challenge! The deadline for September entries is 9/27/15. For those who did not sign up to compete in the regular contest, never fear! You may enter your personal creations in the Just For Fun category. Go check out Waking Up In Outer Space for inspiration.

A request is still open for input! In last Tuesday’s post What We Want To Learn From Writers, I ask for your opinion on what WordPress writers to invite for a series of interviews and discussions to begin in October.

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4 Responses to When The Muse Walks: A Discussion About Inspiration

  1. I see a muse (I try to avoid using the possessive word “my”) as like a dream, in that it is in constant motion, sometimes pleasant, sometimes haunting, sometimes making obvious sense, other times making no sense to me at all (or at least at that time).

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    I am in the process of moving, was going to leave today but got postponed til tomorrow, but still have things to do (as well as catch up on other people’s posts. So I offer this post and its intriguing question.

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