This just doesn’t feel like Autumn — high temperatures and dreadful Air Quality everyday this week.

Good day, my Fiery Friends.  I hope this finds you well.  I am perturbed just now.  I have been told by my fellow mods to “just type in WordPress, it’s easy!  Then you don’t have to copy and paste from Word.”  Well, WordPress just ate my entry THREE TIMES. This is being typed in Word.

Be that as it may, I hope you have had a wonderful and productive week.  I hope you have lovely weekend plans.  I am going to visit the Adirondack Mountains in New York.  Though usually significantly cooler there than in New Jersey at this time of year, I just checked the weather and the highs there are  between 2 and 3 degrees HIGHER than NJ this weekend.  AACK!!!

This season we are having temperatures higher than those in July, and Air Quality that leaves me gasping when I go outside.  (I have asthma, and therefore, I am in the group of people the Advisory is meant to protect.)  Children are going back to school, I always buy new items – which I can’t do right now because I am saving money.  It is also, as I have mentioned, HOTTER THAN HADES.  (I have that on good authority, I haven’t been there myself.)

I usually adore this time of year.  Temperatures get cooler, we sit by the fire on weekend nights with tea or hot chocolate, enjoying the whispers of the leaves as they fall, and the last days of spending time outdoors before it becomes too cold to do so.  It’s  just wonderful. Except this year it’s NOT!

Do you have any autumnal traditions?  What are they, if you’d care to share?  Have you ever used them in a story?

Since it appears to be quite some time since we made a story together, here are my rules.  (I think they are different from other rules.) Use Autumn as your setting, in any way you see that. You may write an entire paragraph, no longer than 10 lines.  Then step back and see where it goes.  Please allow two other contributors to ring in before you return to the story, if you choose to return.

Where I travel in the Adirondacks, I am totally unplugged, therefore, I will not be able to view anything until late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.

Have fun with this!


If you signed up for Shane’s September contest then you should be writing. The deets are here and the deadline is September 27th before the bell tolls midnight (2345 EDT to be precise).

I just realized that my contribution cannot be in the first comment if I am scheduling this to post at another time.  So – here it goes.  Sorry for the confusion!

Perry sat looking at the stars.  Although it was considerably hotter than early September in the mountains was wont to be, that wasn’t so bad when one was camping out until a good job and living situation came along.  The view was peaceful.  The campsite was near a brook, which was barely visible in the starlight.  The rushing water was very comforting somehow.   And yet – Perry didn’t trust that ambiance.  Which was clearly appropriate when a cloud of flame bounced off the wards of the camp, and coalesced into a handsome androgynous figure who was clearly very annoyed.  “Why the hell do you have wards up against me?  A bit rude, don’t you think?  The weather here is lovely, I don’t know why I shouldn’t enjoy it.”

(Next up! You can contribute in the comments.)


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