Technology is FINE until it breaks down!!!! I am starting to write this while it is STILL Friday

Hello, hello, hello!!!  I am glad to be here.  I have had computer issues for the entire week.  They seem to be connected with Google Chrome because once I convinced my husband that I wanted to use a different browser as a default, the problems went away.  (And have stayed away so far. — fingers carefully crossed –) So here I am, a very tired writer who has been writing while the computer has been ill, just not my own stuff.  AARGH!!!  My medical issues are changing, and I need more sleep than ever.  Scheduling in the things that need to go in makes me twitch because I *can’t* work through these episodes — if I get a wave of weakness, I MUST go lie down.  So — it’s back to the drawing board for me with the schedule.  Which is annoying for me.  I have determined to pair two different writing “wants/needs” and see how it works.  I am taking Holly Lisle’s free class “How To Write Flash Fiction that Doesn’t Suck”.  Trying to find time to write for September’s Prompt and that class was a problem. Then I decided to put them together.  It is quite an exercise.  You’ll find out how it goes when I submit my piece, I guess.

Do you have any creative ways to make your writing happen when it seems impossible?  Do tell!!!

The September prompt is here.

Have a great week and may your technology work the way it should!!


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