Rhythm & Rock Inspired Fiction

Many moons ago, I fell in love with the song Life in the Fast Lane, by The Eagles. The rhythm of it, the heat and grit, the sexy. Man! I dig that song. The lyrics inspired cinematic images that played out in my mind… a movie that begins hot and fast; a story that will, of course, end badly. Somehow, the tale is romantic, necessary, and as timeless as it is tragic.

It dawned on me at some point (in my early days with Brigit’s Flame) that I could write the story of the song’s characters. An opportunity finally arose, so I did just that, and posted a link for friends to click so they could listen to the music as they read along.

Editing the story to fit the timing of the music was a challenge, but it was fun. In the end the folks who read it made favorable comments. Sadly, I can’t locate this post in my old LiveJournal files. (I will continue to search!!) Nonetheless, I would like to pose a writing exercise to y’all.

What song inspires cinematic images to stalk that writerly mind of yours? Show me. Write a little fic that plays along with a song and share it here. Tell us, in your own words, or from the POV of the characters, what is so necessary, so attractive about this music. #gowrite (and dance!)

Meanwhile, I’ll keep searching for my Life in the Fast Lane tribute.

The majority of our darling flames that signed up for the September contest did not submit. I hope y’all are okay and will come out to play soon. I, for one, was on my deathbed for almost two weeks with some sort of allergy-induced lung plague and had to resort to a quickly posted JFF entry. Anyhoo! If you’re alive and well, be sure to read the the small field of entries, which you can find HERE! We appreciate your support.

If you’re not … well, my condolences. I shall lift my glass and sway beneath the moon as I sing farewell, then return home with a heavy heart.

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2 Responses to Rhythm & Rock Inspired Fiction

  1. skyllairae says:

    Mine’s also an Eagles song! Hotel California. I only truly appreciated this song when I was living in England and did not see the sun for about 6 months. It my homesickness anthem. And I too booked myself way to busy for September, I was working extra hours because I was taking a week off to go see my mom and enter into a meditation retreat at Magnolia Grove Monastery in Batesville, MS. Internet was spotty at best and before I knew it I realized I missed another contest deadline. I’m still struggling with putting writing back into my daily life wile working but I absolutely love this writing prompt, it comes to me at a time when inspiration is low and so, thank you. I will endeavor to write something tomorrow and share 🙂

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