The Seasons Turn

Happy Wednesday, writers! I hope the week is treating you well and you’re gearing up for the advent of my favorite month of the year: October. Point the first: Halloween. Best holiday ever, in my book. But even if October didn’t have Halloween, it would still be my favorite because back in Arkansas, that’s when the weather really starts to turn, the sky plays tricks on you and everything smells like burning leaves.

Now I live in a place where I haven’t really seen the seasons change. But it has gone from extremely hot to kind of hot. The sun still blazes down and the storms still smell like spring. What kind of Halloween will a place with Spanish moss hanging in the pines bring? I can’t wait to find out.

What do seasons mean to you as a writer? Do they mean anything? Are they an enhancement to the setting or do they force their personalities into your words?

To return to poetry for a moment, some haiku are very seasonally inclined. The season and seasonal imagery define the tone and emotion of the poem because the readers can place themselves within that season.

As we gear up for another contest, I’d love to know what defines the tone and emotion of things for you?

Keep on keeping on 🙂


If you’re looking for inspiration please participate in this writing prompt: What song inspires cinematic images to stalk that writerly mind of yours? Show me. Write a little fic that plays along with a song and share it here. Tell us, in your own words, or from the POV of the characters, what is so necessary, so attractive about this music. #gowrite (and dance!)

The September Reading List and Voting Poll for our themed contest, Waking Up In Space, is LIVE. If you’re looking for something to read head over and cast your vote. Voting will close October 1, 11:45 p.m. EDT.


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