November Writing: Journey With Us

Over the past year, we at Brigit’s Flame have offered prompts and contest formats designed to inspire writers of many types to explore, exercise, and hone their skills. We know that the irregularity of the due dates has caused some confusion with our long enduring members who have spent years relying on weekly contest deadlines to cycle like clockwork. We are sorry for the confusion, but we hope they saw some benefit from the changes as well. For example, this year we introduced the month-long single topic to give our members a chance to really dig into their story and then refine it into something not simply written off-the-cuff for fun, but as a work worthy of submission to a professionally judged contest with the chance of publication.

Writing is a great hobby. It is also a great profession. Either preference enhances your life and the reading enjoyment of our community.

As we move into November the NaNoWriMo energy will infect many of our members as they endeavor to pump out 50,000 wonderful words in a single month. This means fewer submissions on our end, but we wish all of our NaNoWriMo participants huge blocks of uninterrupted writing time and fingers that type like the wind. Look for writing exercises in our Friday chatter posts that are designed to help you dig deeper into your story development.

For those of you not joining the November writer’s frenzy, we have yet another set of topics and peer driven contests for you.
There will be two contest due dates in November – Sunday the 15th and Sunday the 29th.
The theme for the month will be: Arrivals and Departures
Arrivals and Departures

The topic for your submission due on the 15th should be your take on


Do your writing justice, don’t wait until the final weekend to write your entries. Get started today and give yourself time to refine.


I have had the opportunity to travel more in the last twenty-four months than at any other point in my life. Travel is one of those things that has always been on the top of my list of things to do if I won the lottery. There was a time when I wanted to visit every dot on the globe. I wanted to glut on foreign accents, diet on foreign food, and only know where I was by the currency crumpled up in my pockets socks. I have now traveled quite some distance from a fantasy life of endless journies.

In reality, travel is not all dreamy vistas and duty-free shopping. There are mazes of infinite lines; delayed/canceled/overbooked flights; poorly laid out airports combined with terrible footwear choices; cruise ships that lose power; lumpy hotel beds; and insane taxi/shuttle drivers who learned how to drive from Misters Toad & Magoo. Any or all of these challenges must be endured to capture that memorable moment overlooking a turquoise sea, a snow-capped peak, a fog-covered fjord, or a park full of pink cherry blossoms.

Then there is the travel that has nothing to do with vacationing. Sometimes we are required to pack a bag and travel to a bedside or a graveside — endings to witness. Other times we pack a bag (or tons of boxes) and venture out for new beginnings — forging our own destiny.

No matter the destination, your story can’t begin until you depart.



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Brigit's Flame is an ever-evolving online writing community. We offer writing prompts and inspiration while sharing our own writing and reading observations with an audience of writers, poets, and readers. We encourage peer readership and constructive criticism for all of our members. Our motivation is simple -- creativity is a precious resource to be nurtured and the results of the creative process can grow into something beautiful when shared. All writing you share with us remains your property. Come check us out on Brigits Flame Writing Community on Wordpress and be sure to follow our activity on Brigits Flame on facebook, Brigits Flame on tumblr, or Brigits Flame on twitter. We are everywhere you are.
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