Publishing Opportunities

How’s November treating you? How are you treating November? Don’t forget to unchain yourselves from the writing desk occasionally. You may be a novel-making superhero, but ya still need protein and fresh air once in a while.

I have never fully participated in NaNo, though I did try back in 2010. Around 30,000 words my head exploded, so …

This year I spent three months writing and three months hyperventilating over being unemployed. Now, I’m working full-time, preparing for a move (why is moving so stressful!) and remembering that three month writing stint with extreme fondness.  These moments of indulging in fond memories inspired me to look around for publication opportunities, so I thought I’d share some.

The Fountain Magazine is sponsoring an essay contest which will award cash prizes to three writers who have written the best narratives answering this question: “How do you think history will record the 21st century?” The judges expect essays to be factual, but with an inspirational flair. Published six times annually and distributed worldwide, The Fountain addresses themes on human condition, belief, intelligence, and the natural world.

I wish I would have seen this earlier! The deadline for this particular contest (with a $1500 prize and 0 entry fee) is November 30. While 11/30 is just around the corner, and most of us have probably missed the opportunity to submit, as an essayist I’m very intrigued by the possibilities of The Fountain. I intend to add it to my reading list, for sure.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Writing Contest! In celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016, publisher Simon & Schuster is bringing back the popular fan fiction writing contest, Strange New Worlds! Here is your unique opportunity to present to this world and beyond that special Star Trek story that has never been told.

Ten winning selections will be published as part of an all-new official anthology, coming from Simon & Schuster in 2016. Plus, two first prize winners will receive a free, self-publishing package from Archway Publishing!

What? Wow.  A PRIZE-WINNING FANFIC CONTEST. How awesome is that?

The Austin Chronicle 24th Annual Short Story Contest.Send a hard copy, 2500 words max., by December 11. $1,500 to be divided among the five winners. Manuscripts to be published by The Austin Chronicle.

Another quick deadline, dang it. But on the bright side, this is another publication I’m interested in following in the future.

Have y’all noticed any amazing publication opportunities, contests, etc.? Feel free to share. Meanwhile, have a DEPARTURES are happening right now. The field is especially tiny this month, so grab a coffee and enjoy.

ARRIVALS are due November 29th. See you there! #gowrite


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3 Responses to Publishing Opportunities

  1. Rio says:

    The Star Trek contest is only for people living in the U.S. 😦


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