So … It’s That Time Of Year Again: Help Me Make Lists

No, I’m not broaching the topic of Resolutions. Not exactly.

When first I peeked into WordPress, I did so with the intention of finding a site capable of hosting all my writerly blatherings. I love poetry, dabble in fiction, and have a tendency to go on week-long essay rants that don’t really end up anywhere — the latter is a bit frustrating at times, however, I always learn a lot during those essay rants. I want to write about current events, past events, delve into my perspective on spirituality vs. religion, modern literature vs. everything, and the absolutely maddening side-effects of longing to research and write while rarely getting the opportunity to actually research and write.

As you might surmise from the above, it’s difficult to stay organized and productive with so many varying interests. At least it is for me. For an astounding three months of 2015, I kept my “blog” active. And then … pfft.

We’ve all been around the internet long enough to know that amateur bloggers don’t always remain consistently successful. Writers fizzle out along the wayside everyday. I want to figure out how not to fizzle at any point during 2016. Also, I want to accomplish this without participating in any month-long or mass global writing exercises. Anyone out there feeling this? Beyond “just sit down and do it already, Kathy” do y’all have any helpful hints to share?

Y’all are writers,  readers, bloggers … can you help out a fellow writer, reader, and aspiring blogger? Will you aid me in composing  lists that might inspire feverish productivity?

What Topic Would You Like To Read About In 2016?

Topics To Research For 1000 Word Posts

Topics To Research For Monthly Installment Posts

Gosh. I’ve already depleted my ideas for a list of topics …

I’ll go get another cup of coffee. Meanwhile, feel free to fill comments with LISTS. #gobeawesome



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3 Responses to So … It’s That Time Of Year Again: Help Me Make Lists

  1. t.s.wright says:

    Back in the mid-aughts when I first set up a livejournal profile, I imagined writing out my thoughts at the end of the day – all Carrie Bradshaw style – and having a respectable list of followers to carry on comment conversations with. That never happened.

    The funny thing is, I’m not sure where that idea came from (except maybe from binge watching Sex in the City) because I’ve never wanted to be a journalist — I want to write fiction. A friend and I even joked about writing a fictional newspaper – one in which only fictional things are reported. I don’t know if the internet would have paid attention to that either but it would have been more fun than bitching about my daily commute to crickets.

    There is so much online now and it’s all so much easier to access. Everyone has an opinion, a pet peeve, a gripe to share…maybe if you write what you know and what you’re interested in people will turn up and interact. Or maybe writing every day for yourself may keep you limber and help clear the way for poetry and prose to find its way to the blinky cursor that’s all up in your face.

    I so rarely read other blogs. Though it often happens when I do read something I like I don’t have the time or access from my phone to comment. I have typed so many aborted comments in the last few years that I tend to not even start them. Even now I’m wondering if WP will post this or lose it.

    Be naturally funny. Write about things you’re interested in. Let ’em read your accent and foil all of their assumptions. In my opinion, don’t go too deep or too dark. Let the profundity build as the list interactive followers grows — as you get to know your audience.

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