Brigit’s Flame is a competitive online writing community that originated on LiveJournal. We hold monthly contests for bragging rights that are generally structured around writing for one prompt per week for four weeks—all genres are welcome.

Entries are voted upon by the community, as well as guest readers, and votes determine which writers advance to the following week’s competition. Each week’s prompt is unique, so in order to win the month a writer must submit four consecutive winning entries. On occasion, we also host Mini Contests in which the standard format gives way to a faster paced, prize winning writing game.

We encourage peer readership, volunteer editing, and believe that creativity is a precious resource to be nurtured. All writing you share with us should be accessible by your peers regardless of site registrations.

In addition to the contests, we sustain community participation with daily “Chatter Posts” hosted by moderators and guests. Feel free to comment and join the discussion opened by the day’s host; we enjoy the opportunity to get to know writers from all walks of life.

Come check us out on Brigits Flame LiveJournal Community or Brigits Flame Facebook Community.

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