Meet the Mods – Cedarwolfsinger

In 2008, shortly after I lost my job, my little brother told me about an LJ writers’ community. Then he told me the name. Brigit is one of the many variants of the name of my Patroness – Goddess of the forge, smithcraft, making; of the hearth, the cauldron, healing; and the harp, bardic arts, poetic inspiration. I knew I was being given an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Brigit, with the craft of writing (which is a spiritual act for me), and with other writers.

I wrote the then moderators, asking to be accepted into the community. (Lacombe later told me it sounded like a job interview!) I was accepted. I found the prompts to be evocative of many things. There were different kinds of prompts: regular word or phrase prompts; visual prompts; musical prompts. I wrote for a bit. The membership exploded because the comm was spotlighted. Mods changed. Some of us had a meet and greet around one of Desert Rose’s visits from Australia.

I wrote. I edited. I helped with/co-hosted “NaNoInFlames” several years. I wrote. I edited. The comments on my posts declined significantly. I began to feel that my work was just not the style of the new members. I stepped back for a bit. My life got complicated. I stopped editing.

Mods changed. I helped out as much as I could. I stopped writing for the comm. Time passed. I decided to write for the comm every month in 2014. That became the year of being poisoned and almost dying three times. My writing, of course, took a hit.

When the mods changed this time, it was much the same. Word went out “We need help to keep the community alive.” I volunteered to write a chatter post. (I didn’t realize it was a blog post until my brother asked me why it wasn’t on my writing resume!) The end of 2014 came around. I did NaNo. Then I blinked, and the next thing I knew they were calling me a “mod”. OK, not a problem, just a surprise, I would have expected to KNOW that I had become a mod. The December Mini Contests happened. And I wrote stories that *I* was proud of and the rest of the world could go hang. (At which point, I got comments and they were largely positive.)

I have written in January, and in February. I plan to write every month, at least the first week. My writing has grown. My spirit has grown. I now self-identify as a writer. I have two writing buddies. I write almost every day – in my journal, for the Flame, for other things. I plan to work on my 2013 NaNo (which was a retelling of the 2008 NaNo because the electronic copy and the manuscript both disappeared), with the goal of at least having a draft I’ll be willing to let some of my folks read and give feedback by the end of the year.

I would not be where I am as a writer, or as a spiritual being were it not for my relationship with Brigit’s Flame and the support and encouragement of the other mods and many of the members.

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