Meet the Mods – Darlinleo

(a.k.a. Kathy on WordPress)
I joined Brigit’s Flame in early 2009, in hopes of learning how to write for a reading audience. I had, by that time, filled thousands of notebooks with stories, and I loved one in particular. I wanted others to read that story, but wasn’t quite so deluded that I didn’t realize I was in over my head.

Some of the scenes were problematic, the dialogue and setting descriptions rattled on and on, and deft transition from one chapter to another seemed impossible. I had enrolled in college courses by that time as well, but writing reviews on seventy-five year old literature wasn’t really turning me into the writer I wanted to be. An online search of writing communities brought me to LiveJournal, and a few weeks later I was invited to Brigit’s Flame by an outstanding community mod and writer, firesign10.

In three years of sharing my stories in weekly contests, I was given feedback, encouragement, in-depth constructive criticism, and generous amounts of online friendship. Some of those friendships grew beyond the boundaries of social networking into cherished, personal relationships that continued long after I had to leave the community and weekly writing to take care of overwhelming Real Life responsibilities.

This community gave me support and inspiration to find myself, as well as a potential lifelong occupation. A world of strangers helped teach me who I was, who I am, and who I want to be. It is a privilege to be back, to be helping my friends bring Brigit’s Flame out of it’s dark little corner of LiveJournal and begin sharing it with a larger audience.

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