Meet the Mods – Ricochey

Enter Stage Left. A seemingly simple woman, of seemingly simple intention. She (both physically and by spirit) is statuesque, bold, and focused. There is something dynamic to be said for her presence. She is a pillar; a potent construct of confidence, both justified and self-indulged. Sick of her yet? I would be too, except she’s me. She didn’t start that way — self-assured, vaguely certain of her own skill (though wildly adept at faking something stronger), and legitimately capable.

There was a time when she was clumsy, confused, and fond of using alliteration and sets of threes to compensate for a lack of actual ideas. Then came the Flame. I found the Flame in 2008, when the Community was enjoying its prime. Though I was awash in a sea of writers far more experienced than I, there was an air of welcome and encouragment that subdued any fears I had of submitting that very first week. It’s worth mentioning that I scored highly despite no popularity under my belt, and that it definitely boosted my courage to compete again. Though I could sing of its praises at length, I often sang most loudly of the sense of commaraderie, the skilled (and cutthroat) editing team, and the legitimate room to GROW. I came into the game as nothing but raw materials, and now I am a Writer. A capital “w” Writer. That is an irreplacable identity that comes with a skill set one cannot help but to pass on. So, that is what I aim to do. I aim to pass the Flame.

New beginnings are rough, and they take time to foster and cultivate. In most parts of my life, I am impatient and easily discouraged, but the endeavor of bringing the Flame back to a roaring glory is an exception to even those intense flaws. I believe in a place where aspiring writers can come to share, to explore, and to learn. I believe in a place where seasoned writers can challenge themselves, or write without obligation or pressure among like-minded peers. I believe in our senior members, in our ambitious and passionate Mod Hydra, and I believe in the endless potential of anyone who writes so much as one entry and gains from it. An irrefutable wisdom inspires the adage, “There is strength in numbers.” I would have the Flame rebuilt upon the shoulders of those who believe in its worth, and made brilliant and glowing by the kindling of those whose talents and dreams burn brighter by its influence.

I write because I am a Writer. I write for the Flame because I am not the only one.


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