Meet The Mods – Bardi

Once upon a time, shuttling between countries, there was a writer of odds and ends. Stories and jingles and poetry and documentaries. Even sports writing from time to time. The important thing was to use the words.

…Then came bardi 2.0 and then bardi 2.1 and the words were replaced by actual working.

..The years went by, as words do. The original Bardi, in the States, discovered NaNoWriMo. In fact, enough that he became a Municipal Liason. And there was Script Frenzy, which faded. And APAD (April Poem a Day) which was sort of a one bardi thing for the most part. And then, being an LJ sort of addict, he discovered Brigit’s Flame. He wrote and he edited and he found himself elected as a mod. And he is still here, hoping to do his bit at reinventing the wheel. Or getting you…and you….and the slightly odd person in the corner to help the Flame continue.

.. Gods and dodos what was with all the second person. Of course, it is me and I am guessing you knew that, eh?

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