Chatter Post — Friday, May 29, 2015

Hello, my fiery friends. Happy Friday! I hope this finds you well.

Having written for the May contest, I’m quite tired. I said I would write for June, though I have no idea if I really will write for June. I have no earthly idea what to write. As a possible aid to figuring out what to write, I poked at Writing Exercises. I found three different options.

The first is based on questions. I haven’t used it yet. Here is the link:

The second is the 5 Ws exercise:

The third is a list of questions, pick one:

I hope these help you find new ground after writing for May! Let us know if they help you. Or share something that does.


There is a sign-up sheet for June writing. Don’t miss out.

The reading list has been up since Tuesday. There are a few more days to cast your vote.
Read. Comment. Vote.

Our next flamestorming session in Google Hangouts is scheduled for June 14th. Join us for the storm.


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2 Responses to Chatter Post — Friday, May 29, 2015

  1. That first one is my favorite — I like the idea of answering rapid fire questions that help reveal a story. We’ll have to do this in Flamestorming! Thanks for the writing exercise ideas. I will see you in Flamestorming, right? 😉 Hope you get plenty of rest this weekend and can gear up for writing in June, Cedar.


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