Let’s Talk About Editing: Checklists

In last Tuesday’s Chatter Post, I expressed an interest in doing a study of editing advice shared  across the web-wide world with the intention of helping all of us learn to apply various tried and true wisdoms. Besides encouraging writers to write, Brigit’s Flame is all about exploring what writers learn as their process evolves.

In my perusal of online articles, I have noticed several authors sharing checklists, or worksheets, that aid in efficiently revising their own work. As much as I adore LISTS, this was an entirely surprising concept. Why didn’t I think of this? Lists make perfect sense, right?

Beyond the dreaded self-editing, I have been known to struggle with having the right words to say when content editing for writing peers. I want to say EXACTLY the right thing; I want to praise the good and point out the bad with a precise, but benevolent finger. (can fingers be benevolent?) I want to be useful, focused, and insightful. Too bad I’ve never had lists at hand.

Here’s the goal for the day: I invite you all to have a look at the editing tips shared below. As you read through, think about the times you have volunteered for peer edits, and the times when you’ve been stuck self-editing your latest (greatest) work.  

Next, compile your own Editing Checklist and share it in comments. What should be the primary focus when editing content? Do you prefer peers to be “flexible” with technical edits, or do you want a real Grammar Nazi? Does it all depend upon the piece being edited, or can a basic guideline ensure thorough attention? Let’s discuss! 

Editing Checklist: What Not To Forget … “, Jolene Haley, Pen & Muse.

Checklist For Editors“, Beth Hill, The Editor’s Blog.

Red Pencil Round-Up:Self-Editing For Fiction Writers“, Annette Fix, Wow! Women On Writing …

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6 Responses to Let’s Talk About Editing: Checklists

  1. t.s.wright says:

    Reblogged this on Eadar Doodles + Cheese and commented:
    #1 on the list:
    Reminding me to press pause on the dreaming and get down to business.


  2. t.s.wright says:

    When it comes to punctuation, I want the strict adherence to the rules. When it comes to dialog or narration altered from the Oxford Guidelines for the sake of conveying tone, personality, and energy I want less stickler more reader input.
    Me: “Are you pickin up what I am puttin down?”
    Reader: “I feel ya. Gimme moar.”

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